Slade Deliberto

Custom Rock Star Devil

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Project Description

Slade Deliberto – Custom Rock-Star Devil

  This Rock-Star Devil Custom Guitar was made for

Rock-n-Roll Artist Slade Deliberto

Each guitar is hand crafted right here in the USA every detail from the white pearloid Star inlays to the custom painted Flame work of each guitar is crafted with precision

We start with south american mahogany body & neck with a northern hard rock maple top, each piece cut and sanded to perfection. Custom gaboon fingerboard with pearloid Stars and pearloid purfling with stainless steel frets finish off the neck and body.

Our premier finish techniques offers the finest quality of custom art illustrations that create a one of a kind artistic masterpiece.

The overall essence accompanied with shredability, weight and tone make this custom guitar truly unique. Our custom Seymour Duncan designed pickups offer a tone that connects the parallel matrix of  metal of today.

This is one Bad-Ass Devil you can’t ignore.

Once in your collection Hell have no fury on what you will unleash..

Each guitar come’s with a custom hardshell case.

Priced at 3,999.00